From Mrs. Vertoske:
Message 4/23/2020:
I miss you very much!  How's your practicing going?  I've been working on a new way to communicate with you that will have more interactivity.   That may take some time, but in the meantime, please keep working on your lessons in your book.  If you've been playing, and would like some feedback, you may send me a sound recording or video.  It can be anything you're working on.  I'd be happy to give you input.  If you're unable to send an audio or video file, you or your parents may me an email with questions or comments.   

I'm interested in hearing how your playing is going, and want to give you all the feedback you need to get better in your instrument.  As June gets closer, and it's time for report cards, I will need to hear you play, so think about this:

Sometime, from May 4- May 29,  I would love to hear each and every band student perform a melody from their lesson book.  Something that you've had to work on in order to play very well.  Do you have something in mind?  It can be something new that you just begin working on now, or a current selection from the book.  Keep in mind that the higher number exercises in the book are more challenging to play (in general).  

There are a number of ways to send me your performances- 
1- Have Mom or Dad send me an email with a video from a phone or device.  
2- Have Mom or Dad sed me an email with an audio recording.

If neither of these options will work, send me an email and we can figure something out.  I don't want you worrying about the technical aspect of this!  Just concentrate on making your best performance.     

Mrs. Vertoske

The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra... 
is now able to provide access to our most recent BPO Broadcasts On Demand for educational student use at home. These broadcasts feature the BPO with special guest artists and were recorded in Kleinhans Music Hall in front of student audiences from the Buffalo Public Schools.  They're now able to provide these broadcasts to students who are currently learning at home during this unprecedented time. They hope to add to this bank of videos as publisher permissions are secured.  Check it out!
Password: PlayonBPO2020

Here is a link to the online content from your lesson book.  You should have a code in the front of your book- use that to log in at Essential Elements Interactive- link below.  If, for some reason, your code doesn't work, Smartmusic, link below, also contains online lesson book content.  

Have you been keeping up your playing?  I hope so!  Here is a new challenge:

UPES & CAS Students: Can you play the theme song for your school?  

At UPES, We Can Be Kind!   If you were singing that, it would be: 
Do-La-La-La-La. Sol-Fa-Mi-Fa.  
Try starting on a Concert B-Flat, and play it by ear!  

Charlotte Avenue Morning Announcements Song
Mi-Sol-Fa-Mi-Re-Re-Sol Mi-Mi-Do-Do-Re-Re-Re-Ti-Do
For this one, you will need to start on the 3rd note of your concert B-Flat Scale- 
Here are your first 2 notes to get you started:
Flutes, Oboes, Bells, Trombones, Baritones, Tubas- D F
Trumpets, Clarinets, Tenor Saxophones- E G
Alto Saxophones- B D
Horns- A C

Send me your videos, let's see which school gets the most performances!
Mrs. Vertoske

For a limited time, you have the opportunity to sign up for SmartMusic- it's a great place to find music to practice with! 

It has content from the Essential Elements book in it.  You can't use it on a smart-phone but it works on a tablet or desktop computer- use Chrome as your browser- not Safari.


Practice your instrument as often as you can, and try to move on to a new page in your book.  Once you have mastered all the exercises in book 1, you may get Essential Elements book 2!  Please contact me if you have any questions or would like some feedback.  It's been great hearing from you & your parents over e-mail and on social media.  Take Care, and keep sending me those videos!

Click on the Solos link to the left to view the videos!

From Mrs. Vertoske:
Please remember to PRACTICE! 
Thank you for sending in your musical performances!  Click on the link entitled "Solos" on the lefthand side of this page to see what's new!   

What are you currently playing?  Would you like to share?  If so, record yourself, and email the file to Mrs. Vertoske- dvertoske@hcsdk12.org.  Your performance will be posted under the "Solos" section to the left of this page.  

If you'd like to play along with your band music, there are band performances listed on the left side of this page under Band Music.  

Elderwood Performance from December, 2019

Decorating Instruments at Christmas time

UPES Band Kids