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WEB and Outdoor Education Cabin Leader Application Process

WEB and Outdoor Education Selection Process

·         Go through the application process to be a WEB leader

o    Application

o    Interview with a current 8th grade WEB leader

o    Interview with a Crocker staff member

·         Attend the mandatory WEB events

o    Spring Play Day

o    Training in May

o    WEB day in June

o    Training day in August

o    First day of School events

·         Exhibit the following leadership traits since becoming a WEB leader

o    Loyality

§  A  strong feeling of support or allegiance to Crocker, your WEB partner and your WEB group

o    Empathy

§   Able to capture the mental or emotional state of another individual.  To read how your group is feeling and make decisions based on the needs of the group.

o    Accountability

§  Reliable, always on time to events and letting the WEB coordinators know if you cannot attend an event.

o    Duty and Determination

§  Following the WEB program as it is explained to you

o    Energy and Encouragment

§  Being positive with your WEB group and teachers on campus

o    Respect

§  Taking the WEB program and your role in the program seriously

§  Stong interview skills during the WEB process

·         Making eye contact with the interviewer

·         Thanking them for this opoprtunity

·         Being prepared for the events

o    Selflessness

§  Making sure that you are helping others even if it may not be what you want to do right then

o    Honorable and Humble

§  Someone the students can look up to, following the school rules

o    Integrity and Innovation

§  Always true to your word and coming up with ideas and activities when there is more time, thinking on your feet

·         Creating activities during the WEB day in June during the lunch portion to get a lot of 6th graders involved

·         Meeting with your WEB group without the WEB coordinators telling you to

·         Helping students that may need more support: Language issues, lockers, lunch, etc

o    Passion for & Pride in Work

§  Taking your role as a leader at Crocker seriously

·         Apply to be a cabin leader for Outdoor Ed.

o    Meeting with a Crocker staff member to explain why you should be selected

o    Writing a paragraph about why you would make a good cabin leader


If you have any questions please see Mrs. Slater.