Kids to Kids Q & A 2016

Questions and Answers from the Kids to Kids Event on 11/3/16


Question: Are there any advanced classes? 

Answer: Yes there is accelerated math and advanced Spanish for 8th graders.   In 6th, 7th and 8th grade you do 10 chapters in common core math and in accelerated math you do 15 chapters a year.  So that by 8th grade you will be doing high school math in the spring. 


Question: What is the library usually for? 

Answer: The library here is not a class.  You can go at recess and lunch to check out books, study, print things and to just hang out.


Question: When is your elective?

Answer: Electives for 6th graders are currently during 2nd period.  Right now electives are every other day, on the opposite day of PE.


Question: Can you take 2 languages a year?

Answer: Yes you can but you would not be able to take an elective; the 2nd language would count as your elective in 6th grade.


Question: Do you have to take an elective? 

Answer: Yes, they are tons of fun.  Some examples are HTV, culinary arts, photography, digital design, leadership, drama, and art.


Question: Do you know the specific electives for 6th grade?

Answer:  They change each year.  Right now they are art, digital design, band, improv, Crocker singers, and directed studies.


Question: What time does A period start?

Answer: It starts at 7:20 but A period is only available for 7th and 8th graders.


Question: What is the blue and gold schedule? 

Answer: Blue and gold days switch each day.  For example one day you will have your elective during 2nd period and the next day during 2nd period you would have PE.  The classes that are every other day or blue/gold days are: foreign language, PE, electives, and science.


Question: How long is each period?

Answer: The periods are 65 minutes.  The 2nd and 3rd Thursday are minimum days.


Question: Are the Chromebooks just for studying? 

Answer: Yes, but you can also play and do things on them not during school time. 


Question: Are you guaranteed to get the elective you want?

Answer: You are not guaranteed this but the school works hard to get you the electives you want.


Question: Will you have a schedule so you know what class you are going to take?

Answer: Yes and it will be up on PowerSchool, our online grading system.


Question: How long do you have to get to your different classes?

Answer: You have 5 minutes between classes, we call this a passing period.


Question: Do you have any free time during the day?

Answer: Yes, during recess time.


Question: What do you during staff appreciation day? 

Answer: You get a longer recess time.  You get an hour of recess time.


Question: How long is lunch?

Answer: Lunch is 20 minutes and recess is 15 minutes.


Question: What is detention? 

Answer: Detention is where your teacher signs a slip that your parents also have to sign. Detentions are given out if your behavior is not appropriate for school.   Detentions are held in the main office with either the principal or the vice principal during lunch and they are a time for you to reflect on your behavior.


Question: What does your teacher do if you don’t turn in your homework? 

Answer: You will get a study hall in which you complete your homework during lunchtime.


Question: Where do people get picked up after school?

Answer: Everyone gets picked up on the blacktop or wherever you and your family have agreed to meet.


Question: Do you have to use your lockers? 

Answer: You do not have to use your lockers but we recommend you do use them.


Question: On your very first day of Crocker does anyone ever get lost? 

Answer: Yes but your WEB leaders and teachers will help you with this. If you get lost ask someone and they will help you.


Question: Is there a lost and found? 

Answer: Yes our lost and found is located near the main office. 


Question: Are you allowed to decorate your locker? 

Answer: Yes but it can’t be with permanent things.


Question: What happens when you forget your locker combination? 

Answer: The office staff has your locker combination.  The 6th grade locker hall will not be locked.


If you have any further questions, please email Mrs. Slater at:  Thank you.