Essential Outcomes

Hillsborough City School District’s Essential Outcomes


Students, through their efforts and with the support of the whole school community, will become…


Problem Solvers who are able to work individually or together to identify, anticipate, asses, and work toward resolution of problems, challenges, and conflicts which occur in our rapidly changing world.


Critical, Reflective, Creative Thinkers who, while mastering basic and essential skills and areas of knowledge, are able to use available technologies and resources to access, analyze, and synthesize information and to use information from a variety of different perspectives to make informed, effective, and sound decisions.


Collaborative Contributors who are self-motivated and who use effective leadership, and group and interpersonal skills to foster, develop, and sustain supportive relationships and responsibilities toward self, peers, family, school, and community in culturally diverse settings.


Effective Communicators who are able to receive and exchange ideas and information openly and are able to make themselves understood using the most appropriate modes of communication.


Ethical Citizens who are able to understand the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and who participate in civil and democratic processes.  Citizens who are sensitive to the environment and contribute their time, energies, and talents to improve the welfare of others and the quality of life in their personal, local, and global environments.  Citizens who have a clear understanding and appreciation of the cultures, histories, and contributions of the peoples of the worlds and who work toward realizing mutual respect and acceptance.


Self-Directed, Enthusiastic, Caring Individuals who continue to grow intellectually, socially, and physically, who enjoy life, and who have positive self-esteem.


Intelligent Innovators who are able to gain self-esteem and create intelligent, artistic, and practical ideas and projects which reflect originality and high quality.


Dependable Members of their Professions who work independently and in groups, understand and adhere to a work ethic, are cognizant of career options, ask questions, and solve task-related problems, paying attention to detail and follow-up, and transfer their learning from one situation to anoth