CST Information

Child Study Team (CST) 

What is a CST?

·       A problem solving meeting (academic, social/emotional or behavioral).

·       A meeting that can be called by a teacher, parent or other school staff member.

·       A meeting to discuss a student’s strengths and areas of growth or challenge.

·       A meeting to discuss an action plan for moving forward and measuring growth and change.

Who Comes to a CST Meeting?

·       The classroom teacher

·       The principal

·       The school counselor

·       Parents

·       Additional school staff members (speech and language teacher, resource teacher, reading specialist teacher, etc.)

The Role of the Parent in the CST

We want to hear from you! 

·       During the CST meeting we want to hear what you are noticing at home and how you feel your child is doing in school (academic, social and behavior).

·       After the meeting please stay in communication with us.  The sharing of information does not end once the meeting is over; it is an on-going process.