September Newsletter

Hello and welcome back to school!  
Our first few days of school have been fantastic!  I really enjoyed meeting with your children the first day of school and doing team building activities together.  We shared the message of ALL IN and students and staff created a very comforting  environment that we will continue to foster throughout the year.  Our 8th Grade WEB leaders have been hard at work creating fun and engaging events for your children.  This year we have 4 components of WEB and each group is demonstrating their amazing leadership.  Here are a few upcoming events that your child will be a part of:

Our PAR WEB group has been hard at work creating some great community building activities. Starting September 10th the Performing Arts Room will be open during lunch recess.  Each week there will be different activities.  We hope to see your children there!  Make sure to remind your child to check the buzz and HTV for these activities.  On Thursday, September 27th from 2:15-3:15 the PAR will be open for Cupcake Wars.  Sign ups for this event will go out to students in the next few weeks.  Crocker PAR WEB leaders are running this event and will hold one, after school activity every month on Thursdays.  If you would like to help with these events, please let me know. 

Our Crocker WEB Advisor Team has done a great job of making sure all students new to Hillsborough feel welcome.  They created an amazing lunch activity the first week of school for these new students.  This group's role is to let the administration know how students are feeling and give ideas on how to make Crocker a better place.  

Our WEB Retreat Group has already planned the first retreat for all grade levels.  The first retreat is on October 12th during 4th period.  This team came up with amazing activities that are specific to each grade level.  They will be planning at least two more retreats for each grade throughout the year.

Our 6th Grade WEB leaders did a wonderful job of welcoming our 6th graders on our WEB day last June.  They continue to plan activities that help foster community with our 6th graders.  Their first activity with their WEB groups is on September 7th during 4th period.  They will continue to plan all sorts of activities that help the 6th graders with their transition to middle school.

We here at Crocker are excited about our ALL IN theme and look forward to creating the best  environment for students, staff, and parents. 


Transitioning back to school can be a challenge, below are some things that may help your child.

Top Ten Back-to-School Tips to Help your Child
Thrive in School This Year from Challenge Success


1.  Ask your child: “How was your day? Learn anything interesting? Get to spend time with friends?” instead of "How did you do on the math test?"

2.  Resist the urge to correct the errors in your child's homework. It's your child's work, not yours.  

3.  Work done with integrity is more important than an A. Pressure to achieve only high grades can make students resort to cheating.

4.  Make time for PDF:  playtime, downtime, family time. Research shows PDF is critical for overall well-being.

5.  Create a technology-free environment during mealtimes. Every adult and child can benefit from a break from constant interruptions and distractions.

6.  Collaborate with your child's teachers. Assume best intentions and work together to solve problems.

7.  Fight the temptation to bring your child’s forgotten homework to school. Kids gain resilience by learning from small failures.

8.  An extra hour of sleep is more valuable than an extra hour of studying. Research shows sleep deprivation can be associated with depression and anxiety. 

9.  When your child wants to talk with you, stop what you are doing and engage. Does "I hate school" really mean something else:  "I am being bullied" or "I don't fit in?"  

10.  Help your child develop his or her interests and strengths. Discover what your child really loves to do outside of school, not what you think a college admissions officer would like to see on an application.


Here is a great resource to learn more about individual learning styles. After taking the quiz/assessment it gives very helpful suggestions for specific learning strategies according to your results.

The Child Mind Institute is a wonderful resource.  Check it out.

I hope everyone is off to a great year and please let me know if there is anything that I can do to be of assistance.