February Newsletter

Hello.  This month we are talking about using technology appropriately.

Today, our children know a lot about social media.  Here are some apps you will want to familiarize yourself with. These apps are popular with teenagers. This list will give you the pros and cons of each app.   

APP Pros and Cons

Hourpact is a great resource for parents to help monitor social media.  

Parenting a teenager is a difficult job.  The book titled Positive Discipline talks about effective methods for raising a teenager.  

Link to information on Positive Discipline book

This month talk to your child about technology and how they use social media, cell phones and their Chromebooks.  Review your families policy about social networks and cell phones.  Help your child to use these resources appropriately.  

Even though adolescents is a time of greater freedom, they still need their parents.  Talk to them about what is okay to text and what is not okay.  Give them a plan to follow if they feel uncomfortable with a group chat, or something they saw on social media.  Common Sense Media https://www.commonsensemedia.org/ is another wonderful source to help you navigate the world of technology.