Channel 27

Programming on HTV, Comcast Channel 27.
Our programming airs in a loop, with each school's programs showing in the following time slots:
North School: 10-11am, 3-4pm, 8-9pm
South School: 11-12am, 4-5pm, 9-10pm
West School: 12-1pm, 5-6pm, 10-11pm
Crocker School: 1-3pm, 6-8pm, 11pm-1am
Before, after, and in-between Channel 27 runs a loop of community events and announcements.

Programs currently airing on Channel 27: (updated regularly)
North School: K Valentines Party; Field Day 2010, 4th Grade Hall of Science FT;
3rd Grade Biography Buddies.
South School: 3rd Grade Roald Dahl Feast; Dad's Day 2010; 2nd Grade Holiday Party; 4th Grade Sacramento FT; Ice Cream Social; Tunes at Noon #1; TLC Pumpkin Patch.
West School: Colonial Day 2010; 4th Grade San Juan Bautista; 4th Grade Tidepools; Art-in-Action;
2nd Grade Jelly Belly Field Trip; First Grade Lego Tech Cars.
Crocker School: 2010 Winter Concert Highlights; Glee Club Flyoff; 6th Grade Roller Skate Party; Memories 2010.