Parent Information


Title I

School-Wide Programming Status

South Haven School is a school-wide Title I school.  As a school-wide program, we will include activities to ensure that all students experiencing difficulty attaining proficient or advanced levels of academic achievement will be provided additional support.  A copy of our school-wide plan is on file at the school.


Each school-wide program has a comprehensive building plan which addresses each of the 10 required elements under the (NCLB), No Child Left Behind Legislation.  The 10 elements are as follows:

·         A comprehensive needs assessment of the entire school using data analysis of subgroups as referenced in NCLB;

·         School-wide reform strategies with emphasis on improved achievement of the lowest achieving students;

·         Instruction by highly qualified staff as addressed in NCLB;

·         High quality and ongoing professional development activities;

·         Strategies to attract highly qualified teachers to high needs schools;

·         Strategies to increase effective parental involvement;

·         Plans for assisting preschool children from early childhood programs to elementary school programs;

·         Measures to include teachers in assessment decisions regarding the use of assessment in improving student performance and instructional programs;

·         Strategies for providing timely additional assistance to students experiencing difficulties mastering standards; and

·         Coordination and integration of federal, state, and local services and programs.

All eligible students have been notified of their school-wide status and all school-wide programs should include a list of federal programs that are consolidated and integrated into the school-wide plan.


South Haven School SWAP (School Wide Assistance Program) Parent Involvement Plan

The School Wide Assistance Program at South Haven  will:

·         Hold an annual meeting with all parents and community being invited to discuss the SWAP needs

·         Establish, with guidance from parents, a Family-School Compact to promote student success

·         Initiate parent involvement by distributing a Family Friendly School Survey to each student during the current school year.  SWAP, along with the committee, will utilize the survey by compiling results, investigating, and recommending changes/improvements as needed

·         Make specific resources available, to parents, for check out at flexible times, such as before and after school hours.  Such resources may include:  Porchlight Series, We Both Read Series, and other learning tools.

·         Communicate via the school’s monthly newsletter, weekly school news in the local papers, and /or handouts/notes to parents, keeping parents informed of new programs offered or changes to existing parent involvement programs.

·         Utilize ThinkLink and TCAP progress reports to watch and track success, improvement and/or needs of students

·         Strive to encourage all students by maintaining an incentive program.  This program will provide incentives, once every nine weeks to those students achieving: Principal’s List and Honor Roll, with a future goal to reward “A” in conduct, and perfect attendance.

·         Aim to make the state’s curriculum standards available by listing web sites and having copies on hand at parent meetings or by request via teacher or principal.


In an effort to keep you informed of your rights as a parent or guardian of children in our school system, we want you to know that you have the right to request information about the professional qualifications of your child’s classroom teachers and paraprofessionals.  You may do so by contacting the Office of the Principal at South Haven School.