Parent Portal

How to Login

  1. Click on the Parent Portal link –
  2. When connected to the website - Click on the red phrase Click here to login. In the username field type: P390-(the parent/contact’s last name ALL CAPS) (The first letter of your first name – also capitalized) and (the last four digits of your child’s social security number.) In the password field type: (the parent/contact’s last nameALL CAPS) (the first letter of your first name – also capitalized) (the last four digits of your child’s social security number.)
      • Example login for parent/guardian John Doe - User Name: P390-DOEJ1234
      • Password: DOEJ1234
  3. After entering Username and Password click Login.
      • If the parent/contact for the child has both parents’ first names listed, the User Name may be the last name followed by the first letter of the dad’s name or it could be the last name followed by the first letter of the mother’s name. User Name could be: P390-DOEJ1234 if the dad’s name is listed first or it might be P390-DOES1234 if the mother’s name (Sally) is listed first. If you don’t log in successfully on the first attempt, try the other login.
      • If you are not able to successfully login, please contact Cortnie Smith to have your account information sent to you. You will need to provide the student's name, his/her social security number, and the parent/guardian names associated with that student before any account information will be provided.
  4. When you have a successful login to Parent Portal using the correct login username and password you will see a Welcome tab and a Parent/Guardian tab. Click on the Parent/Guardian tab and it will take you to a screen where you will see four icons. A specific message may be displayed on this screen. This first view is that of Daily Attendance. Here you can view all of the attendance events for your child from the beginning of the year.
  5. Next, you may click on the Schedule icon. This shows the classes (subjects) your child is taking in 15 minute (periods) intervals – you may need to scroll to the bottom of the page and click next to see all subjects. For example, there may be 3 to 6 fifteen minute intervals (periods) in a class – depending on the length of this class. You may click on the Assignmenthyperlink on the same line with any of the (periods) intervals and view the assignments for the current nine week period in that subject. You will see the assignment name, date, and category along with the maximum possible score on the assignment and what your child scored. You will also see the current Marking Period (MP) average. The four marking periods for the school year are as follows:
      • Marking Period (MP) 01 First Nine Weeks
      • Marking Period (MP) 02 Second Nine Weeks
      • Marking Period (MP) 03 Third Nine Weeks
      • Marking Period (MP) 04 Fourth Nine Weeks
  6. After viewing assignments you may click on the X in the upper right corner of the assignment window (grade book detail) to go back to Schedule.
  7. In the Grades area of Parent Portal you may also see marking periods such as X1 (first semester exam), S1 (first semester average), X2 (second semester exam), S2 (second semester average), and AV (final course grade). Clicking on any of these, if present, does not give a list of assignments. These choices will not be visible until after report cards have been generated.
  8. While in the Schedule area of Parent Portal you can also review the previous marking periods that have already concluded (assignments and scores).
  9. Next, you may click on the Grades icon for a report card view of Marking Periods that have been completed. Clicking on any of the Marking Period hyperlinks 01, 02, 03, or 04 will return a view of all the grades taken during that Marking Period and your child’s average for that Marking Period. After clicking on a Marking Period hyperlink you may go back to the main grades view by clicking on the X in the upper right corner of the grade book detail window.
  10. Finally, you may click on the Discipline icon. This will return a view of any discipline events that have been referred to the office. You will see both the infractions and dispositions.