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School Spotlight

SHES Teacher of the Year Receives Award from PTO

posted May 12, 2015, 1:38 PM by District Office

Scotts Hill PTO Treasurer awards Scotts Hill Teacher of the Year Alisha Harrington with a check to cover the expenses for a new classroom set of desks, a laminator, die-cuts, educational software and multiple other large items. In addition to supporting the teachers throughout the year with monies for classroom supplies, the PTO donated over $10,000 toward school upgrades this year. We appreciate our PTO and their a
mazing efforts!

Westover Elem Celebrates Dr. Seuss's Birthday

posted Mar 9, 2015, 9:03 AM by District Office   [ updated Mar 9, 2015, 9:05 AM ]

Westover celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday and Read Across America by starting off with green eggs and ham in the cafeteria! Everyone read for at least thirty minutes and all kinds of activities were going on in the building. Several of the lower grades made Dr. Seuss hats to wear and painted whiskers on their faces. Thing 1 and Thing 2 hats were being seen in the lower grade, too! At lunchtime we had strawberry shortcake to celebrate with cake! Thanks to our cafeteria ladies for all they did to help make our day fun!

We appreciate very much the visitors from the community who came to celebrate with us! Mr. Bryan Moffitt, a singer-songwriter, read to Mrs. Douglas's second graders. Mrs. Judy Sanders, our Federal Programs Director read to Mrs. Wilkinson's first graders while they were wearing all kinds of hats! Mr. Ricky Montgomery, from the Lexington Police Department, read Hooray for Diffendoofer Day to Mrs. Dunavant's seventh graders. Mrs. Candy Maness, a former teacher and the grandmother of Mrs. Jessica Maness, read Green Eggs and Ham to Mrs. Maness's class. Mrs. Theresa's Pre-K celebrated all week: Billy Cantrell, a children's minister came Monday morning; Mr. Leon Mullen, Mrs. Theresa's Daddy, came Tuesday; Rosey Blancet came Wednesday; Thursday, Ms. Debra Fesmire read Green Eggs & Ham, then cooked green eggs & ham; and on Friday, Ms. Kim Mabile & her son Luke came to read to finish the week!

Classrooms had visitors from Westover, such as Mrs. Bethany Roach, one of Westover's assistants, read to Mrs. Debbie Morris's kindergarteners; and Mrs. Missy, our nurse, read to all the fifth graders.

Mrs. Frizzell's first graders celebrated Dr. Seuss' Birthday by making hats, reading Green Eggs and Ham, finding rhyming words, and playing "Pin the Eggs on the Ham!" Mrs. Crownover's second graders made party hats and had green eggs while she read Green Eggs and Ham then they had green eggs and ham with green pudding and cookie. Mrs. Elise read The Bread and Butter Battle to all the third graders, and the kids ate bread with butter and had a battle on who ate
with their butter side up or butter side down, then her class had some delicious Dr. Seuss hats to eat. Mrs. Wallace had a Dr. Seuss feast of green eggs and ham cookies, cute cupcakes, Seuss punch, etc. for her sixth graders, and Mrs. Hayes had yummy cupcakes with truffula trees for her sixth graders.

Mr. Rhodes played "Cat in the Hat Put Out" in the gym and these are the winners of Dr. Seuss hats: Callie Frye and Autumn Loyne in kindergarten; Kylie Tart and Brylie Ruga in 2nd grade; Emma Lobosko, Summer Foley, and Sydney French in 4th grade; Bailey Baugh and Chris Reynolds in 6th grade; Cameron Latham in 7th grade; and Kevin Lovett and Michael Wilson in 8th grade.

Check out our website for lots of pictures: http://teacherweb.com/TN/HENDERSONCOUNTYSCHOOLDISTRICT/Westover-Library/gallery4.aspx

SHES 100 Reasons Why They Love Their School Board

posted Feb 23, 2015, 11:15 AM by District Office   [ updated Mar 22, 2015, 4:32 PM ]

South Haven Students Learn About the Wilderness at Natchez Trace

posted Nov 19, 2014, 11:04 AM by District Office   [ updated Mar 22, 2015, 4:31 PM ]

Scotts Hill Elem Support Veterans Throughout Their School

posted Nov 19, 2014, 7:18 AM by District Office

Students at SHES cannot help but notice this colorful wall display as they travel to their classes each day. This wall honors veterans from their area and those with close ties to the school.

Scotts Hill Elementary August Students of the Month

posted Sep 16, 2014, 12:58 PM by District Office

Pre-K Jayson Tucker, Kindergarten-Shaylyn Hart, Daryl McPeake, Alonaa Broadway, and Ayden Westerman, 1st Grade-Lucas Zukowski and Belle Montgomery, 2nd Grade-Julie Hampton and Paige Powers, 3rd Grade-Emily Vargeson and Connor Broadway, 4th Grade-Jaden Scates and Virginia Savage, 5th Grade-Ricky Greene and Haley Stafford, 6th Grade-Kallie Hayes and Jasmine Hendry, 7th Grade- Shelby Petty and Jade Spain, and 8th Grade-Jala Winters and Haley Rogers.

SHHS Announces Its 2014-2015 Baseball Roster

posted May 28, 2014, 6:20 AM by District Office

Congratulations to the following SHHS students who made the 2014-2015 Lion Baseball Team.

Jonathan Alexander
Hunter Beecham
Austin Branham
Cody Carter
Jarrett Cavness
Tyler Chatham
Lane Clendenion
Junior Kimmell
Charlie Lowry
Cainan Maners
Colton McPeake
Dylan Montgomery
Konner Pearcy
Eli Plunk
Hunter Pope
Cole Rogers
Kobe Rogers
Evan Russell
Kyle Scott
Chase Stout
Drake Thompson
Payton Wilkinson
Riley Williams

Beaver School News

posted May 16, 2014, 7:56 AM by District Office

Tryouts for the Beaver Cheerleading Squad will be held last Thursday. We are excited to announce the 2014-2015 Cheerleading Squad for Beaver. Congratulations to: Aleah Gant, Lindsey Kizer, Josie Keel, Carlee Douglas, Hailey Oyer, Caitlyn Melton, Kashey Rich, Macie Climer, Leah Lewis, and Joselyn Pierce.

Our Kindergarten through Second grade were given their SAT10 Achievement Test last week. They worked very hard on their tests, and we are confident that they "Stomped the Test".

The majority of our library books have been returned to the library. There are some students who still have not returned their books or have misplaced books; notices have been sent home with those students. Students must pay for all lost or damaged books before they will be issued their report cards. If you find any books around the house, please return them to Mrs. Grace in the library.

Our Fourth Graders went to Jackson to see the play Cinderella and eat lunch at Chucky Cheese last Thursday. They had a blast! Thank you to Ms. Erin and Mrs. Whitney for giving their students the opportunity to celebrate the end of the school year in such a fun way. We appreciate the parents who went to serve as chaperones.

Our Honor Club for Seventh and Eighth Grade have been on their annual end of the year trip this week. They traveled to Gatlinburg this week and have been enjoying lots of fun activities. We hope that they will have safe travel on their return trip home tomorrow.

This Friday is our annual Accelerated Reader Celebration, Fun in the Sun, for those students who participated in A.R. this year. The students will have a fun day outside playing games and enjoying a jumper, an inflatable obstacle course, and a HUGE slide. We are so appreciative to Mrs. Brenda Scott, School Health Coordinator for securing a Tobacco Prevention grant from the State of Tennessee and the Health Department to provide the jumpers for our Accelerated Reader Celebration and coming to speak with our middle school students about the dangers of Tobacco. Ten of our Sixteen Classrooms earned the national certification Master Classroom from Renaissance Learning, and our Library Media Center earned the national certification of Master Library. Our Beaver Hornet Readers ROCK! I am so very proud of all our students, and am proud to be their librarian.

Students will want to bring a towel or blanket to sit on Friday for Fun in the Sun. Please make sure that your child is wearing sunscreen when they come to school to avoid a sunburn. They may also want to bring a small cooler with water in it or bring a water bottle that they can refill during the day to keep them hydrated.

Awards day will be Monday, May 19th. Kindergarten through fourth grade awards will be presented in the new gym at 10:30 am. Our Middle School awards (Grades 5-7) will presented at 1:00 pm in the new gym. The eighth grade awards will be presented at graduation. We hope that lots of parents will be here to help celebrate with their students.

Thursday, May 22nd, students will not be in school. This will be a day for our teachers to finalize grades and records. Students will attend school for a half-day on May 23 to pick up their report cards.

Graduation for Kindergarten and Eighth grade will be held Thursday, May 22nd. Kindergarten graduation will begin at 5:30 pm and Eight Grade graduation will begin at 7:00 pm. Both graduations will be held in the new gym.


Upcoming Dates:

May 16th Fun in the Sun

May 19th Awards Day K-4 10:30 am; Grades 5-8 1:00 pm

May 22nd Kindergarten Graduation at 5:30 pm

May 22nd Eighth Grade Graduation at 7:00 pm

Have a great week!

Beaver Student's of the Month for March and April

posted Apr 8, 2014, 8:46 AM by District Office

Beaver March Student of the Month


Back Row:  Avain Pritchard, Dakota barker, Zach bingham, Alexia Boales, Brianna Milholen, Alexis Hayes, Ashley Staten.

Front Row: Mackenzie Wallace, Alex Wood,  Graydon Hall, Avery Wilson, Brianna Bailey, Jacob McPeake, Corwin Dodson.

Not Pictured: Grace Parker and Christopher Sego.

Beaver April Student of the Month

Back Row: Teneisha Taylor, Jagger Arnold, Devonta Hart, Brandon Pendergrass, Altantis Davis, Carrie Rush, Briana Clark, Ebba Douglas.

Third Row: Carter Jowers, Alexis Grissom, Zane Johns, Ethan Oyer, Jake Beaty, Joselyn Pierce, Josh Conway, HunterRose Haggerty, Jurni Montague, Ashton Montague, Jaylen Williams.

Second Row:  Jacob Robbins, Dallas Evans, Jordan Wirt, Massey mann, dallas Jameson, Paisley douglas, Trinity Wilson, Cora Muston, Aniyah Dolberry.

First Row:  Kristian Peterson, Noah Rush, Cole Sherwood, Tracee Talley, Robert Umstead, Addison Nowell, Kody Coleman, Elizabeth Mowell.

South Haven Students of the Month

posted Apr 1, 2014, 8:17 AM by District Office

Back Row (Left to Right)  Maranda Jones, Chloe Williams, Dalton Bailey, John Hicks, Colton Pollock, Ethan Hall, Sam Umstead

Middle Row - Daniel Henderson, Matthew Williams, Emma Stone, Aubrey Holmes, Brady Beecham, Tori Crownover, Cortnie Hicks

Front Row - Selena Adkison, Levi Wilkinson, Noah Sigler

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