Welcome to Art at Upchurch!

Your students artwork will be uploaded at Artsonia as a way to keep a digital portfolio of all completed projects.  At this website you can order keepsake products that feature your students artwork.  You will be able to order any of their artwork uploaded throughout the year.  The best part is 20% of every keepsake purchase is donated to our school arts program here at Upchurch Elementary.  Thank you so much for all those that have already purchased merchandise! 

Art Show

We will be having an Art Show and Musical Performance on 
December 6th, 2017 from 6pm - 8pm.  
Please plan to attend to support your students.  

Art schedule.pptx

Classroom Expectations

Tracking class behavior
For every day that a class can keep all three letters of ART, they receive a sticker for the board.  Once a class gets 6 stickers, the whole class gets a choice day in art. 

Reward days
Reward days can include a how to draw session, an extra messy lesson (supplies permitted), art on the chromebooks using apps, etc. 

I started tracking individual behavior as well using ClassDojo.  Here I am able to give points to students for great behavior such as "sitting like Mona Lisa" or "Listening to directions".  I am also able to track behavior that may be preventing other students from learning.  At the end of class the student with the most points receives a PBIS ticket.  Sometimes this can be just 1 student other times it can be 5 students.  

The model student...     Mona Lisa

When instructions are being given, students are expected to act like the model student, Mona Lisa.  Meaning their hands should be in their lap, their eyes should be on the teacher and their mouth should be closed.  

Students are expected to enter the Art room in a Red zone having a seat either on the carpet or at the tables depending on the grade.  If students talk during transition they lose a letter of ART. 
Once instruction is over students are to stay in their seats and work on art work.  Students are not to be out of their seats without permission. 

Supplies Needed!

Hand sanitizer
Paper towels

Used Materials we can still use
Color Pencils

Unused materials we can repurpose
Empty tissue boxes
Styrofoam or paper plates
Paper towel and/or toilet paper rolls
Construction paper
Egg cartons