Hi Everyone

My name is Rachel Moore. I am an Australian teacher here on a cultural exchange program.  I am loving teaching here.  The children and parents are wonderful as are the amazing supportive staff I work with at Sandy Grove Elementary in Hoke County. I am also enjoying meeting new people and the experiences that living in a new country brings.  I have 3 amazing adult children back home in Australia whom I miss very much.  I have been able to video call them and introduce them to your darling children on important days like their birthdays.  My students think this is amazing and can not quite believe that it is night time there when it is day time here.


Dove Connection will go home on Monday and it is an outline of upcoming events and nightly homework.  Math homework and reading comprehension passages are given weekly along with reading books at your child's instructional level (not too easy not too hard). If these books coming home are not at instructional level please let me know so I can adjust them.  It is so important that your child masters this list and then the primer list as this makes their reading successful and fun!

Literacy and Math

Please find sight word lists and flashcards that you can use to support your child at home.
Important Math Goals for Kindergarten:
Count to 100
Write numbers to 20
Add and subtract within 10
Word problems
Decomposing teen numbers 18 is 10 + 8