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The Hoke High Faculty, Staff, Administration and Student Body welcome you to the "Fighting Bucks" website.  Thank you for your interest in our school community.  We continue to focus on rigorous and relevant learning opportunities for every student on the campus.  Having a wireless campus opens many additional avenues for a creative teaching and learning environment.  Our faculty is dedicated to the development of Literacy Design Collaborative and Math Design Collaborative modules as our primary "vehicles" to provide true College and Career Ready instructional learning centers for all Hoke High students.  These teaching and learning methods produce high-quality student work products rich in writing, reading, speaking, and listening literacy skills and can be found in every curriculum area.  The math focus on students identifying and solving difficult problems and being able to explain the why or the why not fosters student engagement at it's highest level.

Hoke High students are an integral part of the teaching and learning process as active participants developing higher order thinking and decision-making skills.  We are proud of how our Professional Learning Communities collaborate on a regular basis to bring about proactive stakeholder expectations for excellence from every curriculum area.  

Our Advanced Placement and College Credit courses continue to expand in number and in enrollment.  Fine arts enrollment in all areas is scheduled to the limit every year because of the top-notch faculty and opportunities to express oneself in a variety of media.  Hoke High students have a full complement of athletics, vocal and instrumental music, CTE and interest elective courses, organizations, and clubs to choose from depending on interest and talent.

What a great day to be a BUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sandhills Community College
 Hoke County High School 
Hoke High School students and parents to attend and information session on the Sandhills Promise Scholarship. 

When: Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Where: Hoke County High School Media Center
When: 6:30-7:30

Sandhills Promise

Sandhills Promise provides 2 years of enrollment at Sandhills Community College tuition free.  Earn an Associates Degree for no tuition cost!   How do students become eligible for the Sandhills Promise opportunity.  Attend the information session on October 17 and get all the answers.

For more information on this event contact:
Leslie Baldwin, Counselor, Hoke High School; lbaldwin@hcs.k12.nc.us
Brandon Locklear, College & Career Coord, Hoke High School; brlocklear@hcs.k12.nc.us
Jonathan Garrison, Sandhills Community College.  garrisonj@sandhills.edu

Deadline Fast Approaching for the U.S. Service Academies
For more information, click HERE 
*November 1, 2017 5:00 pm*

Hoke County High School Report Card  


    2016-17 school performance results: What grade did your school receive?

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Planning on College Next Year?

Visit Mr. Locklear for information on scholarships and deadlines.

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Attention All Students!
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- Parking Passes for any students who began driving a vehicle to campus must be purchased and displayed.  Parking Passes are on sale in main office.  Student parking is only allowed in the Gibson Student Parking Lot.  We try to avoid towing vehicles, but will, if necessary.