Achievement-Based Courses

Achievement-Based Courses (ABC) offer students the ability to work at home to complete High Schoolcourses at their own pace. Highly Qualified Teachers over-see these general education, Achievement-Based

Coursesand share assignment guides, resources, links, as well as key assignments and assessments along with a course midterm and final. These courses can be used with a Supervising Teacher coaching and guiding the student's Independent Study work.

Students are required to take a midterm and final exam to be awarded credit for High School courses.

When signing up students for ABC, your student will have access to a 21st century online curriculum or instructional funds can be used towards purchasing HCS recommended curriculum.

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Algebra 1, Algebra 2

John McClung

Consumer Math, Geometry

Daniel Tanase


Earth Science, Biology

Carey Kopay

Conceptual Chemistry, Physical Science, Environmental Science

Nathan Herzog


English 9

Erin Jones

English 10, 12

Amanda Bell

English 11

Molly Horn

Social Sciences

US History

Dan Kealy

World History, Government (Fall), Economics (Spring)

Lizette Sweiven

Foreign Language

Spanish 1, 2

Rosa Beach

Eric Sweiven/Director of Online Learning Kathleen Byers, Admin Support