Virtual Learning

Horizon Charter Schools offers many different options for students who desire to utilize virtual/online learning.

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Virtual Learning Instruction (VLI) courses offer more online teacher interaction and our teachers design the course, share links, develop activities, and use an online classroom to interact live with the students, plus optional tutor/help time. Our teachers record their live sessions so students who need extra time to review or missed the session can view later. These classes are essentially a "virtual" class utilizing all the technology we can to make the learning personalized, easy to access, and structured.

Achievement-Based Courses (ABC) offer students the ability to work at home and use a curriculum that might be different from the school's recommended curriculum. Highly Qualified Teachers over see these options and share resources, links, and activities that can be used to create a mastery-based environment to guide the student's Independent Study work. Students are required to take a Final Exam to be awarded credit for High School courses.

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