Roseville Learning Center

-ASVAB: Feb. 6th from 3:15pm-6:15pm @ RLC
-Senior GalaFebruary 8, 2019 7pm-10pm. For more info, and to RSVP, click HERE.
-No School: Monday, Feb. 18th - Friday, Feb. 22nd - Presidents Day
-High Flier Assemblies: Wednesday, Feb. 27th & Thursday, Feb. 28th!

Upcoming Events/Announcements:

-March Math MadnessFree, Family Workshops Focused on Making Math Fun! Click here for more info!
-Ongoing Support: Curriculum & Coffee - Wednesday mornings from 9-10:00 (beginning August 29, 2018), call or come in to the CRC to discuss the Benchmark curriculum, share helpful hints, and answer questions. You can call in (916) 408-5297 or email
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Going to be absent? 
Please let us know either via email or by phone call (916) 408-5221 

Clayton S. K - for Displaying Good Character

Makenna S. 1st - for Displaying Good Character

Evan M. 2nd - for Displaying Good Character

Aryah A. 3rd - for Having a Growth Mindset

Lia J. 4th - for Displaying Good Character

Valentina V. 5th - for Demonstrating Good Problem Solving

Jonas M. 6th - for Demonstrating Good Problem Solving

Ryan S. 7th - for Having a Growth Mindset

Avery J. 8th - for Having a Growth Mindset

Cesar M. 9th- for his helpfulness, critical thinking and participation in class

Kayla W. 10th - for being helpful, responsible and having a great attitude

Maddie P. 11th - for volunteering, staying positive and asking questions

Wyatt M. 12th - for being hard working, consistent and keeping a positive attitude


Math K/1, ELA K/1
Math 2, ELA 2
Math 3, ELA 3
Math 4, ELA 4, ELA 7, ELA 8
Math 5, ELA 5, Math 6, ELA 6

*Note: 9-12th grade classes can be found on Buzz