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Board Student Learning Goals

Revised and adopted June 16, 2016

Horizon Charter Schools exist to ensure students achieve academic excellence that meets or exceeds common core state standards as demonstrated by multiple measures. Horizon Charter Schools will support parental choice and personalized learning, exercise fiscal prudence, and provide a safe environment.

As a result of our efforts, students will:

1. Demonstrate reading, writing, mathematics, history, and science content understanding that meets or exceeds the common core state standards. Effective use of technology, project based learning, and the integration of critical thinking strategies are essential components woven throughout all content areas.

a. Reading/Language Arts

Demonstrate understanding of reading, writing, written and oral English language conventions, and listening and speaking within a balanced and comprehensive language arts program.

b. Math

Demonstrate understanding of mathematical concepts in the elementary and middle grades, as described by the common core content standards, through the application of the standards for mathematical practice.

c. Social Studies

Demonstrate knowledge, understanding, and comprehension of the political process; and awareness of people, cultures, events and movements in history and contemporary society.

d. Science

Demonstrate an understanding of earth, life, and physical sciences through subject matter study as well as the application of the scientific method through investigation and experimentation. 

2. Pursue their own special interests and talents while challenging and improving their abilities in the following areas:

a. Effective use of technology

b. Problem solving, reasoning, and critical thinking strategies

c. Visual and performing arts

Click HERE to download a printable copy of the Board Student Learning Goals