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Virtual Learning at Horizon FAQs

Some answers to common questions about learning online at Horizon...

Are assignments given daily?

Yes, generally, week by week, so a student has a “to-do’ list updated each week with new assignments.

Do the daily assignments come up on the screen so they can write them down?

Yes, they can copy/paste, or write a list – Buzz (where assignments are posted and work collected) has a built-in calendar too.

Does it feel like they are with others or is it one on one?

A bit of both, all our VLI classes meet each online and students often do interactive activities together during class (eg presentations, question/response/small group work). All the VLI teachers also have office hours and hold one-on-one tutorials if requested by the student. Also, all the AG science courses have mandatory wet labs (6 per semester) where students come together to do group work.

Is it live instruction?

Yes, and all classes are recorded and posted for students to re-watch or watch if they missed class for some reason.

How do you ask questions if you don’t understand something?

The online classes have chat windows and many teachers allow students to use microphones and video to ask questions. Students can raise their hand and ask just like they do in a classroom with 4 walls. Also, all teacher use email to communicate with students as needed and students can request a one-on-one tutorial if needed.

Does the virtual instructor keep in contact with the parent – such as sending them emails with assignments or following up on things?

Parents can register with Buzz to create an “Observer” account and then they can log in and see all their student’s assignments, grades, progress and communication with the teacher. Parents can also subscribe to automatic email updates with any changes or grades that reported for the student. When the teachers send out notifications to students, the Observers are always CCd to receive the note as well.

Are there virtual classes for all required curriculum?

We offer virtual classes for all our core subject areas and Spanish – these are required for students who are pursuing AG courses for UC or Cal State colleges. For other students, these courses are optional to register in. (the full list of courses is posted on the Hub on the high school page under VLI – Schedule and Information.

Independent study program or "virtual”……?

Yes, we are an IS program who offers virtual courses for our students if desired. Currently, all High School courses are available and ELA 8 and Math 8 – we do have online curriculum options available for younger students K-8, with video (not live) lectures/tutorials and ST support.