• Student must be enrolled in Hoover City Schools.
  • Student must accept the Student Technology Acceptable Use Agreement.
  • Student must successfully complete a district-defined virtual education orientation course.
  • Student must meet any eligibility requirements of the Alabama State Department of Education’s ACCESS program, if applicable.
  • Student must meet school system enrollment requirements for the course in question including, but not limited to, successful completion of any prerequisite courses.


Students participating in the virtual education option will be considered as being in attendance if the students are successfully progressing in the virtual education coursework.

Teachers will maintain regular contact with students and parents, just as in a traditional setting.

Full Time: Students will complete all courses online. Courses will be completed through ACCESS (Alabama Virtual Learning,  Edgenuity, or Canvas with instruction delivered by an Alabama certified teacher. 

Part Time: Students will complete courses online and on campus. This blended format allows students to complete courses at the zoned high school campus, as well as as online through ACCESSEdgenuity or Canvas with instruction delivered by an Alabama certified teacher. 

  • Consistent Internet Access
  • Participation in the district's 1:1 initiative or compatible device
  • Attend orientation prior to start of school to assess online readiness, learn software, meet teacher and peers.
  • Students may need to attend labs or other teacher-led experiences.
  • Successful students are self-starters, responsible and dedicated to achievement.
  • This is a pathway for students that prefer to have more control over their learning environment, pacing and schedule.

  • Serve as a committed part of your child’s academic team.

  • Monitor your child’s progress and communicate with teachers as needed.

  • Maintain consistent Internet access

  • Attend Parent Orientation prior to start of school.


Individual student performance will be monitored based on the district's traditional academic credit requirements and grade scale.  Students utilizing the virtual education option will be subject to all state testing and accountability requirements and will be subject to the same rules and regulations regarding the administration of such tests applicable to traditional public school students enrolled in the traditional public school. All assessments will be held on- campus.

All students will first meet with a school counselor to review previous coursework and identify the student's strengths and weaknesses. The counselor will work with students to select appropriate courses and pathways for success. 

Hoover High School
Jennifer Hogan

Spain Park High School
Melissa Hadder

Virtual schooling offers students numerous benefits in terms of time flexibility and program
customization. Along with these advantages, students also assume increased responsibility in
time management, organization, self-direction, and self-regulation.
Instruction from Alabama-certified teachers
No tuition and minimal fees for students residing within thecatur City Schools district
Course advancement during summer term will require fees to be paid
Accredited diploma upon satisfying all requirements for graduation
Flexibility and personalized learning experiences Individualized academic and career preparation plan Self-pacing and opportunity for accelerated advancement
Early graduation option upon meeting eligibility criteria
Flexibility to pursue interests intensively