Resources and information related to Digital Ethics and Citizenship
HCS Vision for Digital Citizenship
In a growing digital society, we believe it is critical for all participants to develop the attributes and skills necessary to become responsible, respectful, productive digital citizens. Our vision at Hoover City Schools is to empower all of our students, staff and families to be empathetic, responsible consumers and creators in the digital space and to maintain a community that values and practices positive digital citizenship. We seek to achieve this vision by offering relevant digital citizenship education within our schools, our community and to all of our families.
In this fun simulation, you get to explore how your choices in the digital world can affect your relationships and your future. For grades 6-8
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Get the facts and learn more about the harmful effects of Pornography because "According the US Attorney General's Commission on Porn, TEENS are the greatest consumers of porn on the web." Visit FTND to educate yourself as a parent on this extremely relevant topic.
Free web-filtering that can be installed on your home wifi & even your smartphones in a matter of minutes to reduce the risk of anyone in your home accesses inappropriate content via the web. With OpenDNS FamilyShield, even if someone brings their own device into your home and uses your wifi, their content will be filtered of inappropriate content. Their site guides you through the setup process.
*Unfortunately, it doesn't work with ATT Uverse routers. 
**No filter is 100% effective so please make sure you also monitor where your kids are going online.


Click here for Middle School Lessons based on Commons Sense Education's Curriculum