Hoover City Schools uses instructional technology as one way of enhancing the mission to prepare and inspire all students for lifelong success by teaching the skills, knowledge, and behaviors students will need as responsible citizens in the global community. Excellence in education requires that technology is seamlessly integrated throughout the education program. In an effort to increase access to those 21st-century skills, HCS has made it a goal to offer students a 24/7 accessibility to their learning through this “Engaged Learning Initiative” (ELI). The individual use of technology is a way to empower students to maximize their full potential and to prepare them for college and the workplace.


All seniors will turn in their device and charger to the school by May 19. There are no exceptions. If your student’s device and charger is not turned in by May 19, all transcripts and diploma will be held until payment is received. In addition, you will be notified via email if your student has an outstanding device break fee. You may pay those outstanding fees by following these directions. If you have any questions, please contact us at hcseli@hoover.k12.al.us or call 205.439.1095.

Senior students will still have access to their @hcs-students.net account until May 30, 2018. Students can use Google Takeout to migrate their account to a personal Google account. Click here to read about Google Takeout.