Welcome to the Bumpus Middle School PTO Website

Need to send us an email? rfbmspto@gmail.com

The 2017-2018 PTO Executive Board
President-Kathy Claypoole 
President Elect-Ashley Sutterlin
Vice President-Fundraising-Kristy Glover
Assistant Vice President-Fundraising-Theresa Hancock
Vice President-Volunteers-Heather Steele 
Assistant Vice President-Volunteers-Barb Rengering 
Vice President-Communications-Heather Stallworth 
Parliamentarian-Josie Kurz
Treasurer-Joanna Lape
Hospitality-Melissa Gleason
Assistant Hospitality-Pam Bruner
Recording Secretary-Debbie Evans 

PUBLIX- It's easy! Just swipe your Publix card at checkout.  A percentage of your grocery bill will be donated back to Bumpus.  If you need a Publix card they are located in a basket in the main office.