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April 4, 2019

6:30-8:00 pm

"Patuxent Valley Middle School to host 'Music at the Valley' fundraiser" Thursday

Jess Nocera Contact ReporterHoward County Times

Roughly 300 musicians and choral students will fill Patuxent Valley Middle School’s halls with music during the inaugural “Music at the Valley” event Thursday night.

Featuring the school’s band, orchestra and chorus students, the concert will also help raise funds for the school’s music department.

Nearly 25 percent of the Patuxent Valley Middle School students who participate in the band or orchestra are loaned their instrument from the school system.

This school year, the number of students who needed a loaned instrument exceeded the number of available instruments. Local music shops Baltimore Brass Co. and the Music & Arts provided instruments for the school to loan to the students.

The school’s music and arts program grew 26 percent in the current school year, according to Principal Richard Robb.

“Our goal is to get as many of our 700 students in fine arts program,” Robb said.

Proceeds raised from Thursday’s showcase will help provide additional instruments and will help repair and maintain existing instruments. Choral enrichment programs and concert sheet music will also benefit.

There is no entry fee into the concert, with the school instead asking for donations, Robb said.

Students will perform various selections from famous composers from multiple genres and styles of music in a “strolling concert,” as the band will perform in the school’s gym, the orchestra in the cafeteria and the choir in the media center. Concertgoers can go between each room freely.

The showcase “is a gift to the community to hear our talented music students,” Dawn Francis, the school’s music department director, said in a statement.

“I am very proud of the accomplishments that our students have achieved,” she added.

The showcase will be from 6:30 to 8 p.m. April 4 at Patuxent Valley Middle, 9151 Vollmerhausen Road in Jessup.

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Copy of Copy Welcome to Music at the Valley

Recently, the Music Department of Patuxent Valley Middle School was invited to compete in the Music in the Parks Competition. This competition is upcoming. During this competition, students will have the opportunity to perform as Jessup's music ambassadors! We would like to include all of our band, orchestra, and choral arts students. Over 200 middle school students will have the opportunity to perform at this optimum level. So, we need your help with this endeavor. We have the best music in our community, but we really need you!

Your donation will go toward fees including: travel, admission, shirt, food etc. Students may need scholarships to participate. As we know, music strengthens the bonds of our community.

We would be grateful, if you helped in sponsoring us, in order to achieve our dreams of winning! There will be many other schools competing against us. With your support, we can win!

This life -changing event will be promoted through social media with an anticipated audience of thousands. As a sponsor, you will be named on a patron page on our website and on future concert media guides!

We gladly appreciate all donations of scholarships, products, and support! The amount a sponsor may contribute is flexible. You could easily assist us through one of the options listed below.

$2,000 – Maestro level - Your name, description, and logo

$1,000 – Conductor's level -Your name and description

$500 – Director's level - Your name and Company logo

$100– Concerto level- Your name

If you are interested in sponsoring us, please,

immediately, contact our principal,

Mr Rick Robb at 410 880 5840.

Please post and share our request, so we can meet our goal of 100% participation of our students.

Thank you very much for your time.


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