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This site will serve to be a home base for information, materials, examples, and a showcase for student projects.  Information regarding specific course topics can be found using the links above. General contact information can be found below in addition to specific class links and recently added files.  I anticipate a fair number of questions with regard to my standards-based approach to grading.  As such, I've created a page to help explain the why's and how's that can accessed here.  Feel free to contact me at any time with questions.  I look forward to working all of you this year!

All the best,
Mr. K
Mr. Kreitzer's Contact Information:
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School Phone: 410-880-5840 (Most calls returned within 2 school days)
Homework Hotline: 443-296-2003 (Automated message system for students and parents)
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Edmodo - HCPSS Social Media Learning Platform
Remind 101 - Information for Parents on the new text message reminder platform.
PVMS - Patuxent Valley Middle School Website

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What is a Reading Module?

“The project-based innovation and inquiry modules provide opportunities for students to apply specific disciplinary literacy skills to real-life situations. Students explore interest areas that are not otherwise addressed within the middle school curriculum. The myriad of offerings are designed to provide opportunities for students to problem solve, develop research skills, and extend both critical writing and thinking skills across curricular content. Module choices include the following areas: literature/humanities, science, social studies, and technical subjects. Each stand-alone offering is designed to require students to work both collaboratively and independently.” - HCPSS