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AP STATISTICS - 3/6/2015 - Answer key to the work from yesterday (partial answer key given for the back)

                CW answers pg 1                    CW answers pg 2

    Classwork for today (you will be using your YELLOW handout) on the 1 sample t-tests.  If you have misplaced your handout please email me for another copy.
                           CW 3 6 2015

  MULTIPLE CHOICE PRACTICE - for this weekend (14 questions) 


                    ITEMS COLLECTED ON MONDAY: HW 3/4/2015, STATCW (from Thursday), CW 3 6 2015 (from Friday)
                                                                            Multiple choice practice 

3/5/2015 - Answer key to the HW from last night can be found below (I will be checking that you did the homework on Friday/Monday)

                                          HWKey_pg1           HWKey_pg2           

WORK FOR Thursday:      StatCW

Please let me know if you have ANY questions about the material.  Please feel free to send me pictures of your work or email me questions at any time as this material is being covered independently.  

        - Questions?

        - Please remind classmates to check the site.  Thanks!!

Period 1/2: Algebra 1 w/ Seminar
Period 3: AP Stat
Period 4: Planning
Period 5: Algebra 1
Period 6: AP Stat