Top 5 Accomplishments of Ilchester Elementary School
1. Waste Free Wednesdays - Students in RECC through 5th grade pack a waste free lunch to promote solid waste reduction. In addition, our 2nd grade Environauts group make announcements and give tips on how to be green. Finally, we encourage everyone to wear green to remind us we are a Green School.
2. Improved Electronic Communication - As part of our solid waste reduction, we took advantage of the HCPSS email system along with social media to communicate with our community, staff and parents.

3. Butterfly Garden - Our butterfly garden was created in 2009 and has been growing since. It has also been established as a certified Monarch Waystation.

4. Energy Conservation - decrease in kwh usage - Since we started our mission to become a Green School and community, we have reduced our overall energy usage by 2% over a 7 year period. Although we would like this number to be higher, we are proud of our positive achievements.

5. Outdoor Classroom & Spring Vegetable Gardens Initiative - During our recertification, we had our outdoor classroom completed and used by many students and teachers as a part of our habitat restoration. Per our students request, we have turned two of the four raised beds into a place for students to explore how plants grow. Students began planting seeds the first week of April.