Welcome to our Gifted and Talented Program here at Hammond High School. Our program consists of two courses; the Independent Research Class as well as the Intern/Mentor Program. In both programs students design an original research study or creative production which contributes new knowledge to the field of study they have chosen. Students may study any topic of their choice, whether it is a passion or a subject they wish to pursue at a higher level institution. In both classes, students work with a professional who has expertise in the field of study that the student is researching. Independent Research students work with this professional through e-mail and telephone communication; whereas, Intern/Mentor students typically study off campus for five hours per week with their mentor.  The Intern/Mentor students work with Ms. Lerner at the end of the school year and through the summer to secure a mentor for their year's study and are usually seniors because they must have reliable transportation to their mentor site.  In both programs, all students focus on advance level research methodologies, extensive writing skills and oral presentation skills.  As well, both classes are APPLICATION ONLY classes, which means that only students who fill out applications will be considered for acceptance into the programs.

Please view the presentation to the right for more detailed information about the programs.
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