Welcome to the Hammond High Dance site!

Dance company and placement auditions to be held on Saturday, March 17 starting at 8am!  Come to the auditorium dressed and ready to dance! Preliminary auditions will last about 1 hour.   Current members of the junior dance company and dance company are not required to attend the preliminary auditions. This is the one and only audition date and dancers that do not attend cannot be placed on the junior company or dance company. No exceptions!

Dancers that make it through the ffirst round of tryouts will move on to the main audition, which encompasses learning three different combinations. Dancers will be allotted 20 minutes per phrase in ballet, modern, and jazz!  After learning the choreography, dancers will audition before a panel of judges in groups of four.  This portion of the audition is closed. The audition may be videotaped for the purposes of evaluating the dancers for the appropriate placement. Dancers that are selected for the junior company or dance company will be notified via list on May 11.  

Dancer schedules will be modified to reflect the proper placement.    If your name does not appear on either list you will be placed in a higher level class. For those that wish to have a better understanding of their placement, dancers can request to meet the week after the May concert (May 21-25). Only your scores and your footage will be shared with you. The comparison to other dancers will not be discussed. 

Please be mindful that any verbal or publicized (social media) disparaging comments or negative remarks of the dancers that are on the list can be hurtful and jeopardize your placement.   Besides the actual audition, grades, teacher recommendations, attendance, and disciplinary referrals are all included in the selection of junior company and dance company members. 

Dance Company Auditions

Have a happy and safe summer!