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Biology I 

This Biology course is intended to give each student an introduction to biology including the following major topics: chemistry of life, cells and homeostasis, DNA and genetics, ecology, evolution and biodiversity. 

Forensic Science

This course will familiarize those students interested in learning the discipline of forensic science and crime scene investigations.  Forensic science is the application of science to law and involves the collection, examination, evaluation and interpretation of evidence.   The course will review the basic applications of the biological, physical, chemical, medical and behavioral sciences to questions of evidence and law.  Students will be introduced to crime scene analysis and techniques including fingerprinting, DNA fingerprinting, pathology, forensic toxicology, anthropology, physical and trace evidence, forensic entomology and ballistics.  In order to merge theory with practice, we will discuss a number of actual forensic case histories.   Overall, students should gain a basic understanding of the capabilities and limitations of the forensic sciences as they are presently practiced and can determine the invaluable contributions forensic science offers to the resolution of social and legal disputes.