Ms. Bell's Office Hours for Extra Help/Computers/Study Hall:
***Please see Ms. Bell for other accommodations if needed***
Monday- Friday Mornings 7:15-7:25

Afternoons (students must be with Ms. Bell by 2:20):
Wednesday and Fridays 2:20-2:45
Tuesdays and Thursdays* (unless otherwise noted) 2:20-4:00

*Please meet Ms. Bell in Media Center on Tuesdays as she works Homework Club*
*Please meet Ms. Bell in Mrs. Manchester's (603) Room on Thursdays as she works GBMP*

This website is designed to keep students up-to-date in BIOLOGY CLASS. Also created so that parents can keep up to date on all the exciting material their son/daughter are learning. Yes, this is a work in progress, so please bare with me as I learn the ropes with this particular website creating system :)

Please use this website to access notes, important dates, and resources for students!

About Biology Course: 

    Biology is the study of life! Biology is also High School assessed (HSA) course in which the students must pass to graduate during the course students will be learning skills and processes and biological major concepts:  chemistry of life, cells and homeostasis, genetics, evolution, classification, and ecology.  Activities in class include lecture, lab, and project based learning.