Comprehensive Summer School Registration Closes
March 15, 2018 at 11:59pm 

Registering for Classes
  • Registration windows: Complete the online registration form during any registration session (1st - 15th of every month, February - June). 
  • Initial Payments: Upon completing and submitting the form, remit initial payment of 25% of tuition to the Summer School Office by the end of the month. Students currently receiving Free and Reduced Meal Services through HCPSS will automatically receive a 50% reduced tuition once verified by the Summer School Office. Families may make an initial payment of 25% of reduced cost ($68 for a full credit course) by the end of the month. Initial and final payments are required to hold your student's place in the class. Do not make payment until you have registered. Visit the Payments page for more information on how to make payments or to make an online payment. 
  • Wait List: Space in courses is limited. Complete the Wait List Form for any closed course in which your student wishes to register. If space becomes available, your student will be notified. 
  • Financial Assistance: Visit the Financial Assistance page for more information on how to apply. No financial assistance will be awarded without receipt of documentation demonstrating financial hardship. 
  • Scheduling letters with information about the program and student’s course(s), tuition, and balances will be mailed at the end of the month in which the student registers. 

CSS Program - Courses, Times, and Locations
The CSS Snapshot is shown below that includes all classes, times, locations, etc. If you are currently logged into your HCPSS or a Gmail account, you may not be able to view this here. That is okay. Scroll down to the bottom of this page, click on the arrow next to "CSS Snapshot 201.pdf" to download the Snapshot. You can view, save, or print it from there. 

CSS Snapshot 2018.docx

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