Congratulations  to the 71 Longfellow students whose work is on display in the art show at the Columbia Mall!  The Longfellow panel is by the Fire and Ice store near Nordstroms, on the first floor.  This work will be on display through 5 p.m. April 16. I hope everyone has the opportunity to check out all of the amazing art work from Howard County students at the mall this week!

Congratulations also to Austin, Layla and Elizabeth whose art is on display in the "Maps As Art" show currently on display at the Howard County Center for the Arts through April 24.

Come and see the results of hard work, problem-solving and creativity!


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Did you know that you can visit the Walters Art Museum and the Baltimore Museum of Art for free?

Here are Links to Some Awesome Visual Arts Sites:

Baltimore Museum of Art   http://www.artbma.org/
Walter's Art Museum  http://thewalters.org/ and Family Activities at the Walters
American Visionary Art Museum

Interested in art lessons or camp for your young artist? Click on the "Art Camps and Classes" tab above for links to some great resources in the community.