TOBIAS!!!!  7th Grade Science

Welcome to 7th grade science.  Going to be a busy year.  We will start off with weather and how it impacts us and how scientists are able to predict it.  Then we will get real "small" and talk about cells.  What is in a cell, what do they do, and how are plant cells different from animal cells.  After going small for a little bit, we get bigger and start talking about the human body.  We will break it down into individual systems and discuss their roles and functions in our bodies.  We will mix in a little genetics as well.  We finish the year off talking about a little bit of physics, work, and simple machines.  May seem like a lot now, but it will flow fast and easy as the year goes by.

Student Supplies

Pen or Pencil (everyday)

3 subject notebook

Colored pencils/markers


Glue Stick

School Calendar/District Calendar

Class Supplies


Paper Towels

Hand Sanitizor

Expo Markers

Any of the above items are optional, but super appreciated by me.  They help out our class a ton!


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