What is STEAM and PBL and why do we love it at HES?



E- Engineering



As a school, we ask our students to apply these skills as they work to solve problems, create solutions, re-test their findings, and share it with others.  We love watching our students independently and collaboratively solve problems, utilize technology, connect all of their learning, and become critical thinkers.  We know that outside of school, people learn by integrating all content areas.  As a school, we strive to keep our learning and teaching as real-world as possible by providing our students the opportunity to ask questions, find answers to their questions, and become independent problem

     P- Project

Students actively explore real-world problems, questions and challenges for an extended period of time to investigate and acquire a deeper knowledge.

Project-Based Learning
  1. Key knowledge, understanding, and success skills
  2. Challenging Problem or Question
  3. Sustained Inquiry
  4. Authenticity
  5. Student Voice & Choice
  6. Reflection
  7.  Revision
  8. Public Product
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