Coach Holbert (American History II)

Welcome to American History 2, this semester we will be exploring our countries history starting with Reconstruction and ending with our current day issues.  Throughout the year I will mentor, engage, and provoke you with new ideas and thoughts that you may have never considered.  This is how we learn best, by exploring new and foreign ideas.  My role as a teacher is to facilitate learning and to awaken your creativity as a student.  We will be reading a lot of material this year and looking at many different media sources.  My Goal for you as a student is to ensure that you will have a better understanding of the United States and the world around you as a whole when you leave my class.  You will also have an appreciation for current events and be able to look for bias in all media sources.  We will have projects and reading assignments for you to complete at home so time management will be a crucial skill.  I am excited about this semester and look forward to meeting you all. 


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