March Reading Calendars went home last week.  I clarified with students a few point about the reading response assignments on the back of the sheet that I changed:
  • Mar. 9th Response:  We have not used take-home Reading Response notebooks.  I gave each child a choice list to take home from which to select.  
  • Mar. 15th Response:  Again, no reading Response notebook.  Children should use a plain white piece of paper to write on.  They may get one from me if they need it.
  • Mar. 31 Response:  Please do not use a large piece of poster board.  Cut a large one in half, or buy the 14 x 22 inch size.  That will cut down on the surface area needed to color and surface area of wall needed to display.

I am offering an extra grade (easy 100) for children who watch this with their parents, write a one paragraph reaction to what they learn, and have a parent signature.


~M. Mann  :)

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No Spelling this week.

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4th Grade Language Arts IXLs 

These are the skills we are working on in class that will show up in review quizzes I give periodically.  These are not announced tests, but given to assess the degree of content  mastery of skills taught and practiced in class on IXL. 
3/13 - 3/16
MM 2-4, AAA 3-4

3/5 - 3/9 
R1, R2, R3, WW1, WW2, XX4