Job Postings

For information on these positions, highlight the position and/or send an e-mail with the job# to or visit the Career Development office in the ACT Center located in Frost 273 during regular hours. To apply for these positions, please follow the instructions in the "How To Apply" section of in the "Job Posting" form. We also encourage students to research prospective employers to learn more about the company culture and values as well as opportunities for advancement.  

Please note: The jobs posted are not offered through Holyoke Community College, they are offered through an outside employer. If you wish to apply, please follow the instructions in the “How to Apply” section of the job form. Thank you. 
 Job TitleLocation  Type Date Posted
 0424 Bilingual Early Intervention Specialist Springfield, MA FT  1/10/2018
 0423 Substitute Teacher Orange, MA FT  1/10/2018
 0422 Lawn Care Specialist Chicopee, MA Seasonal, FT  1/10/2018
 0421 Substitute Teacher Ware, MA PT, FT  1/10/2018
 0420 Medical Integration Clinician Springfield, MA PT, FT  1/10/2018
 0419 Recovery Specialist III Springfield, MA PT, FT  1/10/2018
 0418 Peer Support Specialist Greenfield, MA PT, FT  1/10/2018
 0417 Counselor Springfield, MA PT, FT  1/10/2018
 0416 Case Manager Greenfield, MA PT, FT  1/10/2018
 0415 Teacher Assistant/Bus Monitor Turner Falls, MA PT  1/10/2018
 0414 Mobile Respite Counselor Westfield, MA PT  1/10/2018
 0413 Counselor Springfield, MA PT  1/10/2018
 0412 Teacher  Amherst, MA FT  1/10/2018
 0411 Recovery Coach Springfield, MA FT  1/10/2018
 0410 Lead Teacher Preschool Greenfield, MA FT  1/10/2018
 0409 ICC Clinical Care Coordinator Westfield, MA FT  1/10/2018
 0408 Forensic Psychologist Springfield, MA FT  1/10/2018
 0407 Education Site Supervisor/ESS Westfield, MA FT  1/10/2018
 0406 Education Site Supervisor/ESS Turner Falls, MA FT  1/10/2018
 0405 Development Associate Florence, MA FT 1/10/2018
 0404 Community Educator Springfield, MA FT  1/10/2018
 0403 Clinical Care Manager Supervisor Holyoke, MA     FT 1/10/2018
 0402 Clinical Care Coordinator Westfield, MA FT  1/10/2018
 0401 Care Coordinator Springfield, MA FT  1/10/2018
 0400 Accounts Receivable Clerk Northampton, MA FT 1/10/2018
 0399 Accounts Receivable Clerk Northampton, MA FT          1/10/2018
 0398 Medical Integration Clinician Springfield, MA PT, FT  12/20/2017
 0397 CNA/HHA/Nursing Students/Direct Care Aide Various Locations PT, FT 12/20/2017
 0396 Registered Nurse Greenfield, MA PT  12/20/2017
 0395 Executive Assistant Chicopee, MA PT  12/20/2017
 0394 Certified Dental Assistant Huntington, MA PT  12/20/2017
 0393 Registered Nurse Greenfield, MA FT  12/20/2017
 0392 Program Director Westfield, MA FT  12/20/2017
 0391 Partnership and Communications Associate Amherst, MA FT  12/20/2017
 0390 Family Social Worker Greenfield, MA FT  12/20/2017
 0389 Care Coordinator Springfield, MA FT 12/20/2017
 0388 Administrative Support Staff Ware, MA FT  12/20/2017