The SISTA Project presented by Heartland CARES and Channel 2

    SISTA is a upbeat, modern twist on the "girls night out."  Women gather together for five sessions to learn, laugh, share, cry, love, and feel proud of who they are!  Through the help of Channel 2, joining in on the SISTA project is as easy as 1,2, and 3.  1. Turning on your TV, 2. Exploring your own feelings and 3. E-mailing us back some simple forms!  Every date, every form, every contact number that you might need are all listed under the "Fast Links" section on this site under "Toolbox."  Are you ready to dig into sister?
    SISTA has been broken into five one hour sessions.  Below is a brief describtion of the material covered during each session.  
Session I: Ethnic and Gender Pride: This session begins the intervention and its goal is to raise cultural and gender pride as a strategy for building esteem and efficacy among participants.

• Session II: HIV/AIDS Education: This session provides and in-depth educational forum focusing on dispelling myths and providing correct information regarding STD, HIV, and AIDS

• Session III: Assertiveness Skills Training: This session educates participants on assertiveness development, focusing on effective partner communication skills

• Session IV: Behavioral Self-Management Training: This session focuses on consistent and correct use of latex barriers, including both male and female condoms

• Session V: Coping Skills: This session educates participants on how to effectively cope with life's realities without acting out sexually or through other self-destructive behaviors




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SISTA is a 5 part series at will be aired on Channel 2. For more information about Channel 2 please click the link below.
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