Minecraft Pi!


During this week, campers get to know the Raspberry Pi, a $35 “computer on a chip”. Sounds fun, right? When you combine it with the amazing world of Minecraft, it becomes even more fun! Mojang, developers of Minecraft, have created the Pi Edition  of their world-building game specifically for the Raspberry Pi that allows young minds to learn not only how to build, but how to write actual computer programs that will allow them to do even more amazing things in the Minecraft world!

You can read reflections on the 2013 session to get a sense of what topics we cover at Minecraft Pi camp.

When and Where

Minecraft Pi Camp is hosted at Honey Creek Community School in Ann Arbor, MI. This year, Minecraft Pi camp runs July 7-11, 2014.

You can sign up for the 2014 edition of Minecraft Pi camp by downloading the 2014 Honey Creek Camp Brochure and 2014 Registration Form. Campers must be registered with Honey Creek Summer Camp.