Message from the Principal

Principal’s Message


Welcome to Valley Vista High School, home of the Eagles, where a new beginning creates new opportunities!  As we celebrate our 25th year as the continuation high school for HBUHSD, the teachers, staff, and I are committed to providing opportunities for success for every Valley Vista High School student. As a student, please take advantage of the opportunities offered by VvHS, work hard in your classes, and complete your make-up work (deficient credits from previous semesters). Set a goal of earning 8 make-up credits per quarter.  I will review the *GR8*8 report that displays the number of make-up credits earned for every grade reporting period throughout the academic year.  Our school serves 280-320 junior and senior students who transfer to VvHS because they are credit deficient and at risk not to graduate with their class.  We provide a small nurturing environment that really supports our students and assists them to get back on track academically. We expect our students to attend school every day and participate fully in all of their classes. Our fifteen teachers are fully credentialed with expertise in specific academic fields to ensure quality instruction.  Student support is provided by our School Psychologist and School Counselor. Many students participate in Team Eagle, our community service projects, as well as the campus art/music shows.  Valley Vista has an on-site child development center called the “NEST” with free childcare and special classes for pregnant/parenting students. Recently, the Simon Youth Foundation included VvHS as one of their academy high schools located throughout the USA. The goals of the Simon Youth Foundation are to increase high school graduation rates, access to college and post-secondary training, and provide professional development for school staff.

For every student, the goals are to attend every day, be responsible for his/her own actions, demonstrate mastery in reading, writing, speaking and math, use technology, utilize critical thinking and creativity skills, be collaborative, prepare for global citizenship, and graduate. Some students stay at Valley Vista High School and graduate in June at the end of their senior year while others, if eligible, return no later than the start of spring semester of their senior year to their home school and graduate with their class. Our students participate in our Get Your ACT Together program that documents their demonstration of 21st century essential skills like Accountability, Collaboration, and Technology, and seniors present their work in an e-portfolio during their exit interview with the Principal.

We want our students to participate fully in the special and unique experience that is VvHS.  Our focus is on high school graduation, developing college/career readiness skills, and global citizenship. We expect our students to be committed to learning and achieving their goals. Our staff hopes all of our students will SOAR TO SUCCESS!


Mrs. Kerry Clitheroe

Valley Vista High School Principal