This is the place for all things related to your blog

All students will learn to create a blog using Google Sites in their English classes. This blog will be used for selected assignments or reflections in all classes, and students are also encouraged to use it for their own self-expression.

A blog is made up of “posts” (pages with writing which may also include pictures, videos, documents, etc.), each of which can have its own format and topic. Posts may be assigned by a teacher or created by the student on his or her own. It is meant to be a record of your journey through high school, and to allow you a place to express yourself as you would like others to know you. It can be used as a reference for potential employment and college application.

In order to assist you with this process, helpful information and resources have been gathered in this one spot to make them easy to find. Just click on the links to the left. If you experience any difficulty with this process, please ask your English teacher for help or ask any staff member; we are all eager to work with you toward your success.

(While anyone can view this website, some of the resources require that you be signed in to your hbuhsd Google account.)