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Course Objective:

The following objectives apply to the AP Computer Science A course when interpreted within the context of the course. 
Students should be able to:
• design and implement solutions to problems by writing, running, and debugging
computer programs.
• use and implement commonly used algorithms and data structures.
• develop and select appropriate algorithms and data structures to solve problems.
• code fluently in an object-oriented paradigm using the programming language
Java. Students are expected to be familiar with and be able to use standard Java library classes from the AP Java subset.
• read and understand a large program consisting of several classes and interacting objects. Students should be able to read and understand a description of the
design and development process leading to such a program. (An example of such a program is the AP Computer Science Case Study.)
• recognize the ethical and social implications of computer use.

Course Topics:

Object-Oriented Program Design
Program Design
Class Design

Program Implementation
Implementation techniques
Programming constructs
Java library classes (included in the AP Java subset)

Program Analysis
Understand and modify existing code
Extend existing code using inheritance
Understand error handling
Reason about programs
Analysis of algorithms
Numerical representations and limits 

Standard Data Structures
Simple data types (int, boolean, double)

Standard Algorithms
Operations on data structures previously listed

Computing in Context
System reliability
Legal issues and intellectual property
Social and ethical ramifications of computer use

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Summer HW
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  • Chapter 20 Quiz   0k - Jul 8, 2013, 2:35 PM by Rachel Wentworth (v2)
  • Chapter 20 Review   0k - Jul 8, 2013, 2:35 PM by Rachel Wentworth (v2)
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