“Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength, move on.”-- Henry Rollins

Seena Rich
714.964.7766 x4206

PARENTS/GRANDPARENTS/GUARDIANS/or anyone else who has a vested interest in a student in my class:  
You have an OPEN invitation to my class.  
Please email/call/or tweet me if you are coming.  
You are welcome ANYTIME.

Class Expectations  

First of all, hello and welcome!  

My ultimate goal in having class expectations is to help students come to expect something from themselves more than I do.  It is my job right now to guide and model that for them by having certain expectations for how our class will operate.  Please read below and feel free to email me with comments or concerns.


Missing class time will result in missing class work. Missing class work will result in not earning enough class credits.   


Electronics Policy

I have designated times for electronic use. You will learn how to use your personal devices like scholars do.  They will be used as educational tools in class.   I will make you aware of when to put your devices away and when to use them. We will also have times when we use our devices for fun!


Cultivate a growth mindset. This is a mindset we will develop throughout the year.  


  • Make-Up Credits are homework. Work on your credit recovery at home as homework EVERYDAY.

  • Make-up work is done online through Edgenuity

  • Students must take notes and turn them in before I will unlock a test.  

  • Tests must be taken in class with me. During Mentorship Mondays you can take a test in class or also before or after school.

  • If a home device or internet access is a problem please email or call me so we can work something out. srich@hbuhsd.edu or (714) 964-7766 ex 4206


Grades are important as they are represented on students’ report cards and add to overall GPA. Students will earn grades based on a traditional 0-100 point scale:

F- 0-59





Grades are a combination of class participation, class work, and projects.


Feedback will be given to each student about their academic work. While grades are necessary, feedback is how students will come to understand the depth or lack of depth to their work.  I will offer accolades as well as areas for growth. Feedback will be written in comments on all of their google docs as well as in the Canvas grading tool.  Verbal feedback happens daily in class.  

Please email or call me with any questions.

Seena Rich

(714)964-7766 ex 4206


Course Overview:
  • Semester 1
  • Who Are YOU? What can you bring to the Team?
  • "It's Like That Ya'll" Conversational Essay.  Be who you are. 
    • Critical Thinking 101, Questions, Close Reading--TAB-IT-OUT!
    • Young Person: Finding Your True North--Moral and Civic Backbone-
    • Creativity? Are you in or OUT?
    • Twitter--Clean it up! The POWER of the hashtag # (we will create our own)
    • ACT Portfolio 
    • Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Periods - EPIC MINI EPIC 
    • Macbeth - Collaborative Creations 
    • British Poetry Selections -Close Readings/Comparisons/Artistic Representations
    • Group Sonnet Writing/Sharing
    • Ted Talk Style Presentations - What Ideas Do You Have That Are Worth Spreading?
    • Emerging Modernism-Modern Day Connections (1984, Question Crafting,TwitterChat)
  • Semester 2 -- Final Emphasis on Polished Writing -->Sharing in with the world!
    • Literature units mixed in but a heavy focus on transitioning out of high school
    • ACT Portfolio continued...FOCUS: Building Career and College Readiness--Take it with You!
    • Career Research/Reflection/Investigating/Sharing Essay
    • Real World Interviewing Skills 
    • College Applications and Scholarship Process-SOAR testing-Registration done in class
    • Online Book Club
    • Senior Statement -- Quote 
    • Reflecting
    • Moving Forward -- But leave a trail. How can your Valley Vista legacy help the next person? 
"Out of Chaos, Comes Order." -- Friedrich Nietzsche