Mr. McCanna's Homepage

Thomas McCanna
Mild/Moderate(English), Technology
714-964-7766 ext. 4220, 4201, 4635


Current assignments/projects:
  • Sonnet assignment due Friday 11/7.
  • Graduating senior's please see Mr. McCanna/Ms. Rich(if you haven't already) regarding completion of your Senior Portfolio.
Make-up Credits

Please see me or Mrs. Rich for a list of available make-up credits. 1st semester is approaching quick, so please stay on top of those make-up credits. 

Current assignments/projects:
  • Personal VVHS Phone App should be completed by Wed. 11/12. 
  • Any make-up credits should be turned in ASAP.
  • All students should have their student Google email address and pin. Please see Mr. McCanna if you haven't received it or forgot it.