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TermWhat is it?
TermWhat is it?
District Strategic Plan  
International Fair  
Department Coordinators  
Focus Group  
Homework Club After School Tutorial for students 
CFA Common Formative Assessement 
BBN Baron Broadcast News 
Bell Week Also known as Edison Week. It's the week we play Edison in Fall sports. 
Instructional Rounds Teachers learning about teaching from other teachers. 
Illuminate Online grading of assessments. 
RBO Relations By Objective.  
Open Forum All staff get-together to talk about what is on our minds. 
Staff Senate Elected members of the staff that share issues. 
Baron Banner Online & print newspaper of FVHS. 
SB2000 Online attendance and student data system. 
Mission Statement "...maximizing the learning, growth and development of every student..." 
DEA District Educators Association. It's the teachers' union 
Showing 18 items