Volume V

Volume V is an open working group that locates itself in the Volume V MASH Center (MASH: Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) in front of the Kunsthalle in Mannheim from September 2018 to March 2019.

The extension of the new building, a former dental clinic of the U.S. Army (Franklin Barracks), is the basis for actions, productions, research and cooperations of the approximately 30 activists* and artists* from Völklingen, Mannheim, Seoul and other places that work in and with the urban situation and the Mannheim population in the context of the exhibition “Construction of the World — Art and Economy”. The places of experience and departure for the activities are the European Centre for Promenadology and the S_A_R project office Völklingen (Prof. Georg Winter), the Franklin Barracks / Franklin Village in Mannheim and the Mullae-Dong quarter in Seoul.

Volume V takes the construction of the world out of its turbulent history of steel production, conversion, artistic and economic conditions into its own hands and negotiates it with the questions of the local residents*. Who participates constructively? How do we want to live together? Can we recognize catastrophic conditions? Can we give them an anastrophic twist?

Volume V embodies the perverse ambiguity in the face of fleeting
conditions in society’s state of emergency.

Contingency, provisionality and vehement improvisation in the ontological
no man’s land of the present. Volume V will never be finished.

In the crisis, nothing is in the moment, but everything is in the process
of becoming.

Prepersonal, difficult to locate, remains Volume V vague, is center
without anchor.

What is present in art, conscious, alive, it is only through the infinite
small personal deaths, small accidents, breaks and cuts.

What we need now // is a little bit love // for the “out of order”.

Picnoleptic porosity, anastrophic prodrome.

A project of exploring what the performance-body, the visitor-body,
the city-body, the curator-body and the small-dog-body are capable
of doing.

Do. Do. Do. The movement receives its unity through tactics. We
become a community through collective action.
Jerry Rubin

Placenta politics. MASH as a breeding ground for non-linear dynamics
that gives birth to new organisms, subjects and cooperative alliances.

MASH as an architectural consciousness-expander of the Kunsthalle.

A place where streams of desire, tendencies, schisms, breakaway
groups, collaborations and re-evaluations can take place.

Or do you actually believe, highly esteemed audience, that you are
each something very special, unique, singular? Not exploited and
not ruler either? And you can elude the social antagonism? The regimes,
of course, endeavour to create the just appropriate degree
of general confusion. But … as the professor was too right to notice:
The whole is the untruth.
Hans G Helms

A center of permanent gravity for all. By also a starting of the centrifugal
forces of unusual collective structures of enunciation.

Venture Commonism: a model of experimental, collective self-organization
and network of co-dividuals. But also the questioning of this
construction: anti-network. Volume V as a local and specific resistor.
“It should be something of everything. Like mixed feelings over mixed
Monty Cantsin

MASH as a diorama of artistic work before artistic work, as a plant
of paradoxal production.

Volume V cites Benjamin cites Baudelaire: Do we show the public the
mechanism behind our effects? Do we show all the rags, the paint,
the pulleys, the chains, the changes, the scribbling of our designs — in
short, all the horrors that make up the sanctuary of art?

Volume V will be nothing more than a friendly gathering. Or a boring
holiday. A festival with conferences, performances, discussions, film
screenings and actions. A boot camp for dissidents-to-be.

Volume V as the constant movement from ‘chaos’ to ‘composition’
and back again.


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