Harrisburg School District
207 West Estes Harrisburg, AR  72432
PH: 870-578-2416
FX: 870-578-9366


The Faculty, Administration, and Board of Education of Harrisburg School District #6, attest that this institution exists for the benefit of its students.

We believe that all students should be provided the best education regardless of race, sex, socio-economic background, or past academic status.

We affirm that all students have the ability to attain a well-rounded education, and encourage each student to strive to reach their fullest academic potential. It is our belief that the school climate should be conducive to learning and the above tenets.

We believe that an education should consist of a diverse curriculum preparing students to lead healthy and productive lives. 


Harrisburg School District has been granted permission by the Arkansas Department of Education to implement a Alternate Method of Instruction for snow days or other events that my cause school to be canceled.  To learn more about AMI days click on the AMI District Letter and the AMI signature page under the parent info section on this web page.

Julie Price - 
Federal Programs/ Homeless Liaison (McKinney Vento)
Phone: 870-578-2416
Fax:     870-578-9366
207 West Estes, Harrisburg, AR 72432