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Eligibility Requirements for Athletics


It is our desire that every student who participates in Harrisburg Athletics has a positive and meaningful experience. The pursuit of excellence is fundamental to athletics and our coaching staffs are encouraged to maintain a high level of expectations for you, the athlete, in your conduct on the field, off the field, and in the classroom.  We are concerned with the educational development of boys and girls through athletics and feel that a properly controlled, well-organized sports program meets your need for self-expression, mental alertness, and physical growth. It is our hope to maintain a program that is sound in purpose and to further each student's educational maturity. A student who elects to participate in athletics is voluntarily making a choice to represent Harrisburg athletics both on and off the playing surface.

The rules and regulation of the Arkansas High School activities association and conference code shall be observed. 


The philosophy of the Harrisburg  Athletic Department is to maintain a broad-based program that will afford all students with athletic interest an opportunity for safe participation in the sports of their choice. 
The coaches shall deal with the athletes with firmness and fairness in order to establish the leadership they respect and admire. They will create enthusiasm for success and encourage high ideals in the process. Coaches will establish goals and then create the desire to pay the price to attain these goals. They will also maintain an organization to which it will be an honor to belong. 


The Athletic experience shall:

A. Develop attitudes that must be a part of each individual for success in athletics and life. Specific attitudes are: Pride in performance Sacrifice and persevering application Competition to win - the purpose of athletics is to win, and to dilute the will to win is to destroy the purpose of athletic contest. Sportsmanship - the good of the team comes before individual glory and desire. Educational goals - the main reason why boys and girls go to school is to receive an education; athletic participation is secondary. 

B. Develop in athletes an appreciation for optimum health and physical fitness. The importance of proper rest, good eating habits and cleanliness will be stressed at every opportunity. 

C. Encourage athletes physically, mentally and socially as they develop an appreciation for sports. They should become aware that this would take strength and courage. 

D. Base all teaching and learning situations on a sound progressive educational approach. Successful coaching is teaching at its best. 

E. Include coaches' training. Constant evaluation and improvement of techniques must be evident if the athletic program is to be outstanding. 

F. Develop all programs in such a manner that the end result will be one of unity, harmony and success. Mass participation is to be emphasized and encouraged below the varsity level. 

G. Attempt constantly to motivate athletes to be better students. Coaches should display approval for school life and classroom achievement. H. Cultivate in all athletes a strong desire to be a Hurricane, Cyclone, or Whirlwind. I. Instill in all athletes the desire to represent their school and community in a manner that will make school administrators, teachers, parents and the people in the community proud of them. 

J. Emphasize to athletes, at all levels of competition, the realization that athletic competition is a privilege that carries defInite responsibilities with it. Some of the responsibilities are training, loyalty, eligibility, improvement, courage and perseverance. 

K. Bring recognition - to attain success in athletics, the participants must train their minds and bodies to respond instantly and effectively to the multitude of situations that arise during the course of play. This of course, parallels success in later life.


Many closely observe the conduct of an athlete and it is important that an athlete's behavior be above reproach. Appearance, expression and actions always influence people's opinions of the athletes as well as the sport. Once you have volunteered to be a member of a squad, you have made the choice to uphold certain standards expected of all athletes in this community. Be proud to be an athlete, for it is a privilege, not a right. The way an athlete acts and looks is of great importance; thus proper dress, appearance, grooming and personal cleanliness are expected. Athletes should be leaders and fellow students should respect and follow them. Proper dress and appearance will be established by the coach and is a continual process. You should never use tobacco, alcohol or drugs; it has been proven that athletes that refrain from the use of these substances have a better performance level than those that use them. Besides being illegal, research clearly states that the use of tobacco, alcohol and any type of mood modifying substance produces harmful effects on the human organism. You must refrain from the use of tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs; you have to pay the price to be a fine competitor.  


Student athletes will not be allowed to participate in practice or games without a documented physical examination by a licensed physician. Free athletic physicals at the end of the spring semester. Students who fail to take advantage of the free physical offered by the school will be responsbile for  obtaining a physical at their own expense.

1. Any injury, large or small, should be reported to the coach immediately. 

2. Any injury requiring a doctor's care should be noted and a doctor's release required before the athlete is allowed to play or practice. 
3. Any injury not requiring a doctor's care will be assessed by the coach in charge and/or athletic trainer in order to determine the athlete's ability to play or practice. The trainer will assess an injury and make recommendations to the athlete and/or their parents. 


The school provides a secondary insurance policy, which will supplement the athlete's family policy. This becomes the primary policy for those students who do not have health insurance coverage. Additionally, the Arkansas Activities Association provides catastrophic insurance coverage. The school policy alone may not cover all expenses incurred from a severe injury. The parent is responsible to file claim forms provided by the school. The supplemental accident claim form may be picked up in the Athletic Director's office or may be provided by the coach.