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Helpdesk User's Guide

Instructions for new users:

Go to the helpdesk at

Click on the + New ticket link to get started

The first step is to provide your account information.  Please enter your first name, last name and email address.  The helpdesk will email you a temporary password.  We'll see how to change that later.

The next step is filling out the ticket form.  Here is a screenshot with explanations of the fields:

Here is a sample showing all of the information after it has been filled out:

Once you click "Submit Ticket" you will receive an email with your username and password.  Your helpdesk ticket will then go into the queue for service.

After you submit your first request, you should get an email with a temporary password.  Use that password to login and check your requests.
Once you are logged in, you can see the tickets that you have submitted, change your password, or submit more new tickets.

Lets start by changing your password

Next click the change password button

Then follow the instructions to change your password

Viewing and editing your tickets

Login to the helpdesk and click on My Tickets

Click on the link to one of your tickets to view its status

When you update a ticket the technician can also respond, and you can reply to them:

Once the ticket is closed, you can review it from the My Tickets screen: